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#403 Copy/Paste in Inkscape pastes bitmaps jeremyhu@… usability Nice to Have pbproxy 2.5.0 (xserver-1.7.6)
#494 xterm background not always redrawn jeremyhu@… usability Important xserver 2.6.3 (xserver-1.10.3)
#520 Unmanaged windows are trimmed jeremyhu@… usability Important xserver 2.6.3 (xserver-1.10.3)
#527 Gnome panel beside dock jeremyhu@… usability Important quartz-wm 2.7.0 (xserver-1.11.2)
#447 Gamma Control (Support RandR 1.2) jeremyhu@… feature request Nice to Have xserver dev (master)
#519 Clipboard Syncing Not Working Properly jeremyhu@… usability Important pbproxy

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#1082 Weight loss body ultimate flush colon cleanse jeremyhu@… task Nice to Have xserver 2.3.4 (xserver-1.4.2-apple45)
#1007 by Frank Vanderlugt in Health (submitted 2007-08-21) Slim Fast - Gain Fast? The modern world has speeded up so much; we want everything yesterday, almost - including a slim, fit body. A whole diet industry, making billions of bucks each year, has sprung up around this idea that we can slim fast and in the process that we can lead wonderful and happily fulfilled lives. There are even diet supplements entitled 'slim fast' which leave you on no doubt as to what they are intended to help you do. But do they work? Is it possible to slim fast and stay slim? Of course, that's not always what people want. Sometimes they want a quick fix diet that will have them looking good in a bikini for their annual vacation and after that fortnight is up, they don't care what happens - until next summer. No wonder we are a whole world of yo-yo dieters! You see, that's the problem with diets that promise that you can slim fast. They are usually so restrictive that you couldn't possibly stay on them long term - you'd go crazy and start fantasizing about your partner's arm being a tasty chicken leg! Cabbage soup and food that comes in a powder form quickly lose their appeal and you will soon go back to your old eating habits - and your old weight! Diets that help you slim fast are often really limited, based around a tiny group of foods with a whole host of forbidden goodies out there - some of them even restricting or prohibiting very basic healthy food groups. That means that to slim fast, you may be missing out on some vital nutrients too. This can have a really detrimental effect on your health, even if you don't notice it at first. People will do anything to slim fast, veering wildly between low carbohydrate and low protein diets, desperately searching for an answer to their spare tire. Bookshops are full of books promising that they have the answer; the trouble is, they don't agree on an answer for how you can successfully slim fast and stay slim. As you might imagine, any extreme diets are pretty much bad news. Low carbohydrate diets force your muscles to consume their carbohydrate stores, so 'eating' your muscles. In the process, you also become dehydrated as water is also released from the muscles to cope with the increased protein which is almost inevitable on low carbohydrate diets. Well, you've got to eat something, haven't you! Losing all this muscle density slows your metabolism and makes it harder to carry on losing weight, so you try starving yourself, thinking if you aren't taking calories in, then you must be burning off the excess, right? Wrong! Your body knows it isn't getting enough calories to function well so it protects its vital systems by shutting others down. It stops you burning off the calories and fat stores because it doesn't know when or if a normal food supply will resume once more. It doesn't know you'll eat like a horse from the moment you're on the plane home - your body is clever, but not that clever. Low fat diets are popular too with people wanting to slim fast. Initially, they seem like a good idea. How can it be bad to control your fat intake if you have fat you want to lose? Again, it's all about extremes, here. These low fat diets are famous for urging you to aim for ketosis. People proudly proclaim their bad breath and smelly urine as a sign that their slim fast plan is going great. What you can actually smell, though, is the body burning its own waste products for fuel. That sounds great until you realise this waste is unleashed back into your blood stream, leaving you at the risk of ureic poisoning. Slim fast plans are, as you can see, potentially quite dangerous to your health. What you really need to do is follow a healthy eating plan which involves eating little and often so that your body burns off the food instead of storing it. A balanced meal would be basically 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fat. If you were to try this for a while - consistently without yo-yoing back to old eating habits - you'd probably be surprised how easy it is to slim fast and develop a healthy eating program for life, so you won't be panicking about that bikini next summer. About the Author frank j vanderlugt owns and operates 2 4slimthighs Com Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines whereby the original author's information and copyright must be included. Frank Vanderlugt Frank Vanderlugt jeremyhu@… crash Nice to Have x11-apps 2.5.1 (xserver-1.8.2)
#871 skin care funda jeremyhu@… task Not Set x11-apps 2.5.2 (xserver-1.8.2)
#542 2.7.1_rc2 doesn't start in fullscreen mode on macosx-10.6.8 jeremyhu@… usability Nice to Have xserver 2.7.0 (xserver-1.11.2)
#1054 Giddy When Lifting Weight In Gym PROLEXIN IGF-1 jeremyhu@… crash Not Set xserver 2.7.0 (xserver-1.11.2)
#946 For beautiy skin CELLOGICA jeremyhu@… crash Not Set xserver 2.7.3 (xserver-1.12.4)
#768 Graphics rendering with Cairo incomplete when using XQuartz but works with old X11 jeremyhu@… usability Important xserver 2.7.4 (xserver-1.13.0)
#890 Dreaming About a Slim Body jeremyhu@… crash Not Set xserver 2.7.4 (xserver-1.13.0)
#937 Learn About Slimming Body Wraps jeremyhu@… crash Not Set xserver 2.7.5 (xserver-1.14.4)
#656 Huge mouse arrow jeremyhu@… usability Not Set xserver
#950 great muscle MAX MUSCLE LEAN jeremyhu@… crash Not Set xserver
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