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#608 Running glxinfo from remote machine = Segmentation fault GLX 2.7.7 crash 07/30/12
#171 XGetImage() fails for GL windows GLX later usability 10/03/08
#282 GLX: Surface ID invalid after FUS GLX later usability 06/26/09
#325 Bad-value failure on OpenFont request for some Snow Leopard TTF fonts xserver later usability 11/01/09
#420 withdrawing a window in X11 causes the DRI surface to refer to a destroyed CG context GLX later usability 06/26/10
#443 semi-stuck H/h key in Leopard XQuartz xserver 2.7.7 usability 09/08/10
#494 xterm background not always redrawn xserver 2.8.0 usability 07/21/11
#495 bad terminal redraw performance in osx lion for wide windows xserver later usability 07/21/11
#499 Update Pasteboard when CLIPBOARD changes only works when XQuartz is active. quartz-wm later usability 07/30/11
#519 Clipboard Syncing Not Working Properly pbproxy 2.8.0 usability 10/29/11
#520 Unmanaged windows are trimmed xserver 2.8.0 usability 11/02/11
#527 Gnome panel beside dock quartz-wm 2.8.0 usability 11/13/11
#593 Monoprice tablet sends events as cursor (probably NSUnknownPointingDevice) xserver 2.7.7 usability 07/02/12
#661 XQuartz does not support retina displays well xserver later usability 10/08/12
#232 fullscreen on one screen of a multimonitor system xserver later feature request 01/21/09
#447 Gamma Control (Support RandR 1.2) xserver 2.8.0 feature request 10/16/10
#534 Move XQuartz.app from dock to status bar xserver later feature request 01/11/12
#10 8-bit visuals don't work in TrueColor xserver later usability 11/30/07
#58 x11 windows losing focus after a click xserver OSX usability 02/06/08
#86 Command-dragging a background window incorrectly brings that window to the front xserver later usability 04/01/08
#98 Switching spaces with spaces view (rather than keyboard) does not focus x11 if it is top in the new space xserver later usability 05/03/08
#99 FFM: Hovered window doesn't active on space change xserver later usability 05/03/08
#106 Windows jump about under new multiple screen support xserver later usability 05/07/08
#109 Quit dialog doesn't return focus to frontmost window xserver later usability 05/17/08
#185 FFM: Odd focus changes when OSX windows are interleaved with X11 windows xserver later usability 10/30/08
#238 Some accented characters with greek language are (still) not there xserver later usability 02/04/09
#244 Accessibility API bridging xserver later usability 02/21/09
#305 Stuck keys in X11 when using Expose/Spaces xserver OSX usability 09/02/09
#328 Resize Corner Issue Xplugin later usability 12/16/09
#336 Xorg-server-devel @ on 10.5.8 does not allow paste when editing its programmes menu xserver later usability 12/28/09
#360 Bell stops working after awhile xserver OSX usability 03/22/10
#403 Copy/Paste in Inkscape pastes bitmaps pbproxy 2.8.0 usability 05/18/10
#849 With X11 forwarding X11.app does revert to integrated GPU once you quit the programm that triggered discrete GPU xserver later usability 12/23/13
#630 crash when executing setxkbmap -option "compose:lwin" xserver 2.7.6 crash 08/26/12
#822 Xephyr broken on Mavericks. xserver 2.7.7 crash 11/14/13
#107 Windows that don't get focus have inactive appearance quartz-wm later usability 05/07/08
#858 GLhandleARB conflict with OpenGL.framework GLX 2.7.7 usability 01/11/14
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