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Xquartz ChangeLog

This page is used to track changes to X11 that are in development. Changes going into a particular release are summarized in the release notes obtainable from our releases page.

Automatic Updates

If you would like to receive automatic updates for beta versions in addition to release versions, please update to our beta SU feed by running the following command:

(SnowLeopard) $ defaults write org.macosforge.xquartz.X11 SUFeedURL
(Leopard) $ defaults write org.x.X11 SUFeedURL

Changes in 2.6.0 (In Development)

  • All changes in 2.5.1 plus:
    • libs:

libXau 1.0.6

  • server:
    • xorg-server 1.9.0 plus other patches
      • Fixed possible memory errors with cursor on ppc (#415)
      • Initial RandR support (#6)