X11 2.3.0

Released: 2008.07.19

This release contains Xquartz-1.4.2-apple5.


Users have reported problems with this release when using some keyboard layouts as well as wacom tablets. If you are such a user, we recommend using the 2.2.3 version until these issues are resolved. Additionally, if you are someone experiencing such problems, please join the xquartz-dev mailing list since we apparently need more testers with these devices. Thanks.


Download X11-2.3.0.pkg, and open it to install with Leopard's Installer. As of 2.2.0, you do not need to have Leopard's X11 package installed (but it is alright if you do).

Important Notices

OS-X Requirements

OS-X 10.5.4 or later is required to install this package.

Mac OS-X Updates

You will need to re-install this package after future OS and Security Updates delivered through Apple's Software Update.

Logout Notice

Because we've changed the way launchd starts the server, you will need to logout after installation.

Deprecated Software

The software supporting the deprecated imake build system is not provided in this package. If you need imake and xmkmf, please install the X11 package that came with your Leopard DVD before installing this version. Alternatively, you can compile these packages on your own or get them from a third party such as Fink or MacPorts. The darwin configuration files used by the imake build system are outdated and not supported. Developers using this build system are advised to migrate to autoconf.

Changes in 2.3.0

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