X11 2.3.2

Released: 2009.01.02

This release contains Xquartz-1.4.2-apple31.


Download X11-2.3.2.dmg, and open it to install with Leopard's Installer. As of 2.2.0, you do not need to have Leopard's X11 package installed (but it is alright if you do).

Important Notices

OS-X Requirements

OS-X 10.5.6 or later is required to install this package.

Mac OS-X Updates

You will need to re-install this package after future OS, and Security Updates delivered through Apple's Software Update. Additionally, you should reinstall this package after installing XCode.

Deprecated Software

The software supporting the deprecated imake build system is not provided in this package. If you need imake and xmkmf, please install the X11 package that came with your Leopard DVD before installing this version. Alternatively, you can compile these packages on your own or get them from a third party such as Fink or MacPorts. The darwin configuration files used by the imake build system are outdated and not supported. Developers using this build system are advised to migrate to autoconf.

Changes in 2.3.2

  • All changes in 2.3.1 plus:
  • app:
    • mkfontscale 1.0.6
    • quartz-wm
      • Cleaned up parenting of dialog and utility windows
      • Respond to new AppleWMReloadPreferences notification rather than just SIGHUP
      • space-change shortcuts and dragging work to move windows to other spaces
      • Fixed bug with --no-pasteboard option that didn't completely disable it (it still grabbed PRIMARY in activate/deactivate)
      • defaults to --no-pasteboard when the server uses version 1.1 and greater of applewmproto
      • Cleaned up some memory leaks
      • Support added for window gravity in WM size hints
      • Support added for WM fullscreen hints
    • xedit 1.1.2
    • xinit 1.1.1
    • xterm 238
  • lib:
  • misc:
  • proto:
  • server:
    • Xquartz fixes from xorg-server-1.4.2-apple31
      • Send out AppleWMReloadPreferences notification to tell quartz-wm and xpbproxy to reload preferences
      • Fix a crash in RootlessNativeWindowMoved when compiled for 64bit
      • Fix a possible crash on startup due to TSM not being thread safe
      • Added new preferences UI for xpbproxy options
      • Disabled 8bit visuals while in TrueColor mode since they don't work yet
      • Tablet support improved for GDK-based applications (Gimp, Inkscape, etc)
      • Many updates to GLX support
        • Stereo GLX support detected
        • Accum buffers supported
        • More visuals supported
      • Fixed levels for CGWindows
      • Fullscreen-rooted support (same behavior as tiger)
        • Added an option for getting access to the OSX menu bar while in fullscreen
      • Correctly follow system keyboard layout when enabled
      • Tooltips won't display from X11 apps "behind" native apps.
        • Apps like xeyes only get events when the mouse is actually over an X11 window now
      • Default dpi reported is now 96 instead of 75
      • Fixed possible (rare) deadlock in event processing
      • Massive update of proxying between OSX pasteboard and X11 clipboard/primary buffers
        • Image support
        • Unicode support
        • Preference options available in the X11 Preferences window
      • X11.app should exit properly when using another WM
      • Improved support for running X11 without launchd
      • Improved support for running multiple X11 servers
      • Fixed dead-acute with the Czech and Greek layouts
      • Fixed working directory of the initial xterm to be $HOME
      • Ensured that /usr/X11/bin was in the PATH of the initial xterm
      • Added a defaults option to enable DEC-XTRAP, RENDER, and XTEST extensions
        • defaults write org.x.X11 enable_test_extensions -boolean true
      • Fixed the white-rectangles bug
      • Fixed stuck keys when switching to another OSX application
      • Honor system key repeat rate
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